The Eater John A. Burks Jr.



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The Eater  by  John A. Burks Jr.

The Eater by John A. Burks Jr.
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The nuclear powered Emerald Sea is the largest cruise liner the world has ever seen. The ocean going city is capable of carrying thousands of passengers and staying at sea for months at a time. Vacationers wait for years for an opportunity to cruise the most luxurious ocean liner ever to sail the seven seas. That luxury and size, however, make the Emerald Sea a rich target for evil doers, and while docked for shore excursions in the Bahamas, the ship is attacked by a large army of terrorists.Per the Emerald Sea’s security protocols, the ship attempts to seal its doors, cut its mooring lines, and puts out to sea.

A flotilla of terrorists, along with a Coast Guard cutter and a cargo ship crewed by smugglers, follow, chasing the Emerald Sea into an unexpected electrical storm of gigantic proportions. The ship’s engines shut down and once the storm clears, the crew of the Emerald Sea not only find themselves surrounded by the terrorist flotilla, they find themselves in a whole other world, a hollow world where the ocean is on the inside, continents float high above their head, and a dim star burns at the world’s core.The crew of the Emerald Sea only have moments to take in the new, alien world as a new threat looms on the horizon.

An insanely monstrous vessel, cobbled together from ships of different eras and worlds, approaches firing its massive cannons. The gigantic pirate ship known as The Eater, crewed not just by humans, but aliens species from across the universe, approaches the stricken luxury liner, intent on taking the ship and enslaving its passengers and crew.Trapped in an alien world, surrounded by not only terrorists from Earth, but pirates from the new world, the crew of the Emerald Sea has to fight for their very survival before they can even think about trying to find a way back home.

But they soon learn that their arrival in the alien world portends great danger not only for them, but the entire planet Earth.

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